I-Park is pleased to announce that the following artists will be
participating in this year’s Site-Responsive Art Residency & Biennale:

Jeremiah Barber, California
Sally Kidall, Australia
Chelsea Leventhal, Germany
Anthony Heinz May, New York/Oregon
John Melvin, Washington/France
John R. Neeson, Australia
Sasha Petrenko, Washington
Elena Redaelli, Norway/Italy
moira williams, New York
Congratulations – we look forward to welcoming you to I-Park in September!
We look forward to seeing you again at our next OPEN Studios on
July 28 as we indulge in the company and works of:
Matthew Celmer, New York, Architecture
Zach Frank, Massachusetts, Creative Writing
Jennifer Grossman, New York, Music Composition/Sound Art
Beth Krebs, California, Visual Arts
Nathan Nokes, Texas, Music Composition/Sound Art
Judith Robertson, Florida, Visual Arts
Kristin Street, Rhode Island, Visual Arts
Video by Ted Efremoff: New Years Day on
the I-Park Pond. Audio by Tom Nazziola, excerpt
from Waltz for MJ.
Matthew Trueman, Instrument for Inquiry into
the Melody of the Landscape
, 2018
Landscape artist Bob Chaplin‘s new digital catalog, including forbidden images from his Forbidden Garden at I-Park.

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