Join us for our First OPEN Studios Event of the 2017 Residency Season!
June 25, 2017, 2 to 5pm

June 2017 Artists-in-Residence
Molly Blumberg, Visual Arts, Massachusetts, South Studio
Echo Eggebrecht, Visual Arts, Pennsylvania, Studio A
Andrew Milward, Creative Writing, Alabama, Pond Studio
Cameron Quevedo, Moving Image, Texas, Grey Studio
Seth Thorn, Music Composition/Sound Art, Oregon, Studio B
Eva Weber, Moving Image, U.K./Germany, White Studio
Steven Whiteley, Music Composition/Sound Art, New York, Music Studio

2017 Site-Responsive Art Biennale
Thanks to all who attended our Site-Responsive Art Biennale/Connecticut Open Trails Day!
Click here for a copy of the Site-Responsive Art trail map as well as a copy of the printed program.
Participating Artists
Kristin Cammermeyer, Sound Art/Installation, California
Xia Gao, Visual Arts/Installation, Michigan/China
Alexander Hanson, Visual Arts/Installation, Minnesota
Hugh Livingston, Sound Art/Installation, California
Herb Parker, Visual Arts/Installation, South Carolina
Alessandro Perini, Sound Art/Installation, Sweden/Italy
Julie Poitras Santos, Site-Responsive Walk, Maine
Bridget Quinn, Text-based Installation, Michigan
Andrew Ranville, Architectural/Inter-disciplinary, Michigan/U.K.
Sam Stocker, Visual Arts/Installation, Japan/U.K.
Hannah Streefkerk, Visual Arts/Installation, Sweden
Erica van Loon, Cross-/Inter-Disciplinary Practice, Netherlands
The I-Park Mission
Nurturing artists and the creative process – in the fine arts and in nature.Read more . . .
I-Park’s New Visual Arts Studios
Please Mark Your 2017 Calendars With the Following Dates!
Sunday, June 25, 2 to 5pm OPEN Studios: June 2-week Artists-in-Residence
Sunday, July 23, 2 to 5pm OPEN Studios: July Artists-in-Residence
Sunday, August 20, 2 to 5pm OPEN Studios: August Artists-in-Residence
Saturday, September 16, 9am to 3pm Autumn Volunteers Day
Saturday, September 23 Annual Fundraising Dinner **
Sunday, September 24, 2 to 5pm OPEN Studios: September Artists-in-Residence
Sunday, October 22, 2 to 5pm OPEN Studios: October Artists-in-Residence
Sunday, November 19, 2 to 5pm OPEN Studios: November Artists-in-Residence
** Ticketed event
Dates are preliminary and subject to change. Please check our website periodically for final dates.

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Photo Credits: 2017 General Residency Program: Jennifer Newsom & Tom Carruthers, To A Constellation, 2016. 2017 Site-Responsive Art Residency & Biennale: Rod Northcutt, Arborventions, 2007. Photograph by Gannon Photography.
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