We are pleased to announce the
2019 Artists-in-Residence Season at I-Park
The application deadline for Sessions 1 – 3 is February 28 and
the deadline for Sessions 4 – 5 is April 30.
The application deadline for the
2019 Environmental Art Residency & Biennale,
seventh in the series, is February 28.
The 2019 Residency Program Calendar details all relevant dates. Application materials for the General Residency and Environmental Art programs will be available here by January 31. If you are on the I-Park mailing list, you will be notified when the application portal has been activated.
Video by Ted Efremoff: New Years Day on
the I-Park Pond (no audio)
Matthew Trueman, Instrument for Inquiry into
the Melody of the Landscape
, 2018
Landscape artist Bob Chaplin‘s new digital catalog, including forbidden images from his Forbidden Garden at I-Park.

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