Please join us on June 26, 2016, 2-5pm, for our next OPEN Studios event.
7da517_5f84a50ef2ab4ca9b99c9108ac2340b5Before the Junk Trail, there was the junk pile – a 10-year accumulation of hoarder-mentality debris. Most of the junk consisted of remains from ephemeral art projects that had fallen into disrepair. These projects had previously been installed in the I-Park landscape as environmental sculptures.
The Junk Trail, a reorganization of these materials made accessible by an internal trail, was conceived and built in 2010 by sculptor Marco Dessardo. The purpose of the trail was to make these interesting, but otherwise waste, materials conveniently available – but also inviting – to future artists for re-use.
I-Park is pleased to announce that the following composers will be participating in the Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency in August – they will be in residence, and working with, Moon Young Ha’s ensemble mise-en, a new-music chamber ensemble from New York City
Enda Bates, Ireland
Brooks Fredrickson, New York
Wally Gunn, New York/Australia
Sungji Hong, Texas/Korea
Matt Sargent, New York
And the following artists and their families will be participating in our experimental Family Residency in the first half of August
Shahnaz Habib, Creative Writing, New York/India
Robin Hessman, Moving Image, New York
Stephan Hillerbrand & Mary Magsamen, Cross-Disciplinary/Multi-Disciplinary, Texas
Caitlin Masley, Visual Arts, New York
I-Park Welcomes the Following to our June Artists-in-Residence Session:
Barbara Holmes, Visual Arts, California
Sara Pirkle Hughes, Creative Writing, Georgia
Denise Iris, Visual Arts, New York
Remy LeBoeuf, Music Composition/Sound Sculpture, New York/California
Ryan Sarah Murphy, Visual Arts, New York/New Hampshire
Brandon Neubauer, Visual Arts, New York/California
Olivia Valentine, Visual Arts, New York/Connecticut

Patrick Harlin (U.S.), Drone-assisted video, 2015
Music: Birdsongs for the City Dweller, performed
by the Calidore String Quartet

. . . a look back to May 2013

Banner Images: Photograph of OPEN Studios visitors walking towards Grey Studio by Nancy Pinney; Photograph of Sprouting Waterlilies by Rachel Wilson; Photograph of Meadow Path by Cari Notari.


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