2016 General Residency and Special Programs Submission Period Is Closed
Status on Application Notifications

Thanks so much for the enthusiastic response to this year’s call for applications! The application submission period for the 2016 General Residency Program and Special Programs (Family Residency and Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency) is now closed and the selection process is wrapping up. The projected notification dates are as follows:
• General Residency Program Except for Moving Image: April 9, 2016
• Moving Image: April 18, 2016
• Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency: April 7, 2016
• Family Residency: April 22, 2016
If you do not receive your e-mail notification from I-Park within a couple days of the above, please contact the office at 860-873-2468 or info@i-park.org.

Patrick Harlin (U.S.), Drone-assisted video, 2015
Music: Birdsongs for the City Dweller, performed
by the Calidore String Quartet

. . . a look back to September/October 2011
I-Park Welcomes the Following to our April Artists-in-Residence Session:
Marianne Barcellona, Visual Arts, New York
Gary DeMichele, Music Composition/Sound Sculpture, Florida
Michelle Echenique, Visual Arts, California
Mark Fiedler, Architecture, New York
Tess Martin, Moving Image, Netherlands
Kala Pierson, Music Composition/Sound Sculpture, Pennsylvania
Jennifer Schmidt, Visual Arts, New York
Shirley Watts, Landscape/Garden/Ecological Design, California

Banner Images: Photograph of OPEN Studios visitors walking towards Grey Studio by Nancy Pinney; Photograph of Sprouting Waterlilies by Rachel Wilson; Photograph of Meadow Path by Cari Notari.

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