2015 Year-End Fundraising Appeal

As we wind down our fifteenth season of nurturing the creative process through our international artists-in-residence program, we pause to reflect on our good fortune. As a direct result of your encouragement and support, I-Park has flourished, with innovative programming and a reputation for exceptional artists’ support – while garnering increased recognition within the field of artists’ communities. No longer the new kid on the block, I-Park has provided over 700 fully-funded residencies since 2001!
Check out this drone-assisted video created by composer Patrick Harlin during his recent I-Park residency. Accompanied by Patrick’s music, experience I-Park from a new perspective.
We are especially proud of, and happy to celebrate, the following 2015 accomplishments:
  • We were awarded a $110,000 grant by the State of Connecticut to fund a new handicap-accessible trail to run deep into our 450-acre nature preserve, architectural/ acoustical design services for a state-of-the-art music/sound studio, an expansion of our Common Area (community space) and other ADA upgrades to the facility.
  • We deepened our commitment to the field of Music Composition/Sound Art by hosting an experimental Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency, consisting of six composers and six musicians, designed to add a powerful new element – collaboration – to the traditional process by which a contemporary music project advances from concept to concert.
  • I-Park’s 10-Year Master Plan for a new 12-person residence facility, 12 new artists’ studios and a performing arts facility – was unanimously approved by the Town of East Haddam, paving the way for an enhanced residency experience for future artists-in-residence.
Looking forward to 2016, we have the following activities programmed:
  • Our first Family-Friendly Residency, a 2-week summer session allowing artists to be in residence with their children
  • Building on the lessons learned in 2015, an enhanced Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency session
  • A continuing commitment to Public Engagement, making I-Park an even more valuable resource to the community
In order to bring these initiatives to fruition, we rely on the generosity of individuals such as yourself. We ask that you make a commitment to support I-Park’s mission by making a financial contribution to our year-end appeal. We need your assistance in order to continue offering artists the very precious, and impactful, gift of an I-Park residency: unfettered time, lots of creative space and the opportunity for deep bonds of fellowship – within the unique setting that’s come into being at I-Park.
2015YEAppeal_2015EA_IMG_7514Remember that every donation makes a difference, regardless of size – and that your gift is tax deductible to the extent permitted by the IRS code.
Thanks so much for helping us to advance the I-Park mission. We truly appreciate your support.
Joanne Sig BW Ralph_Sig_BK
Joanne Paradis Executive Director Ralph Crispino, Jr. President
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