I-Park’s 2016 Fundraising Campaign


Experimental Family Residency

Residency runs from August 1 – 14
OPEN Studios is on Saturday, August 13
This special program was designed to help meet the pressing need of artists with children to keep their practices fresh by offering them the gift of focused time, lots of creative space and stimulating fellowship – opportunities afforded by the I-Park artists-in-residence experience. Most residency programs are unable to accommodate families. The goal of this experimental program is to help unlock this stifled creative potential.
$25 Friend of the Family $50 Cousin
$100 Uncle/Aunt $250 Sibling
$500 Parent $1,000 Patriarch
All contributions will be recognized on the I-Park website. Contributions and pledges made before August 5 will also be acknowledged in the printed OPEN Studios program.

Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency

Residency runs from August 17 – 30
This program brings together 5 composers and a 6-person new-music ensemble, ensemble mise-en from New York, for an intensive 2-week session of joint workshops and rehearsals. The 5 new works emerging from this cauldron will be greatly enhanced through the power of collaboration and an extraordinary commitment of rehearsal time that is so essential in the field of new-music. Two concerts will emerge from this residency.
August 28, 2016 – First Congregational Church of Old Lyme – Five World Premieres August 30, 2016 – The Opera Center, Marc A. Scorca Hall, NYC – Five New York Premieres
$25 Quarter Note $50 Half Note
$100 Whole Note $250 Jazz Riff
$500 Concerto $1,000 Oratorio
All contributors will be recognized on the I-Park website. Contributions and pledges made prior to August 19 will also be acknowledged in the printed programs for both concerts.

Matching Funds for I-Park’s State of Connecticut Good-to-Great Grant

In late 2015, I-Park was awarded a grant of $110,000 by the State of Connecticut for some important facilities projects: an ADA compliant trail through the park, 3 new ADA ramps, an expansion of our social/meeting space and architectural design services for a new composers/sound studio. The grant requires 25% in matching funds. We need to raise $27,500 from the public in order to bring these worthwhile projects to fruition.
$25 Digger $50 Framer
$100 Plumber $250 Electrician
$500 Roofer $1,000 Engineer

2016 Fundraising Dinner: Saturday, October 1

We are seeking financial support for the following:
$1,000 Food/Beverages Sponsors (maximum 5) $2,000 Entertainment Sponsor (sole sponsor)
Sponsors of Food/Beverages and Entertainment will receive 2 tickets to the fundraising dinner, recognition on the I-Park website and, if the contribution or pledge is received prior to September 20 , recognition in the printed program for the Fundraising Dinner.
$1,000 10-Person Table $2,500 Major Sponsor 10-Person Table
Those purchasing tables will have a placard with their name posted at their table, receive recognition on the I-Park website and, if the contribution or pledge is received prior to September 20, recognition in the printed program for the Fundraising Dinner. Those purchasing a Major Sponsor 10-Person Table will also be recognized as a Major Donor on I-Park’s homepage for a least a full calendar year.

Other Ways You Can Support the I-Park Foundation

Tickets to the 2016 Fundraising Dinner on October 1, 2016, at $75 each, may be purchased here.
You can make an online contribution for any of the above programs, for the above designated amounts, here.
You may also make a contribution, in any amount, here – by selecting Option 4: General Operating Funds. These critical funds are used to pay for staff salaries, artists’ support (including the artists’ meal program), utilities, facilities upgrades and maintenance, honoraria for selection panelists and such.
Major Donors, those giving at the $2,500 and above level, will be acknowledged on the homepage of the I-Park website for at least a full calendar year.
Customized Sponsorships are also available – contact Liz Reynolds, Development Associate, at liz@i-park.org for additional information.
Finally, In-Kind Contributions are a high-value (hopefully, low pain) way to support the good work of the I-Park Foundation. From everyday items to major amenities, these, generally tax-deductible, gifts allow us to leverage our limited financial resources while you get the satisfaction of helping us to fulfill important needs of the organization. See our separate In-Kind Gifts brochure for a listing of our current needs.
The I-Park Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. The above mentioned methods of giving are tax deductible to the full extent of the law – as you will have received no tangible benefits in exchange for your gift.
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