2017 Fundraising Campaign – Other Ways You Can Have Impact

Other Ways You Can Have Impact!
Perhaps the most helpful, and heart-warming, option is a contribution directed to General Operating Funds. This is the critical funding for staff salaries, artists’ support (including the artists’ meal program), utilities, facilities upgrades and maintenance.
Support I-Park by purchasing tickets to our 2017 Fundraising Dinner on Saturday, September 23, at $75 each – and spread the word to your friends and put together a table! This is I-Park’s primary fundraising event of the year.
In-Kind Contributions are a high-value (relatively low pain) way to support the good work of the I-Park Foundation. From everyday items to major amenities, these, generally tax-deductible, gifts allow us to leverage our limited financial resources while you get the satisfaction of helping us fulfill important needs of the organization. See our separate In-Kind Gifts brochure for a listing of our current needs. The most up-to-date version can be found on the I-Park website: Support/Participation tab.
Help out in a very direct way by becoming an I-Park volunteer or intern. We have an organized Spring and Autumn Volunteers Day – but there are many other opportunities over the course of the year where your physical presence can make a real difference: gardening, artists’ transportation, trails maintenance, event preparations.
The final element of the 2017 fundraising campaign is the Annual Appeal which launches right after Thanksgiving. Please think of us when planning your year-end giving.
Major Donors, those giving at the $2,500 and above level, will be acknowledged on the homepage of the I-Park website and on all printed materials for at least a full calendar year.
Customized Sponsorships are also available – contact Joanne Paradis, Executive Director, at joanne@i-park.org for additional information.
You can make an online contribution for any of the above from I-Park’s homepage (Support, Participation tab) – or by using the enclosed Contribution/Pledge Form. Use of the enclosed form is generally more appropriate for larger gifts, when your contribution includes a tribute and for instances where you may wish to avoid the online processing fee.
I-Park Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Your gift is deductible to the extent allowed by IRS regulations as you will have received no direct benefits for your contribution (dinner tickets priced at $75 or less are fully deductible).
© Copyright 2022. I-Park Foundation, Inc.
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