2019 SRA Application Instructions

2019 Site-Responsive Art Residency Generic Application Instructions

Please read these instructions before proceeding to the application portal!
[February 1, 2019]
Introduction Applications to the 2019 Site-Responsive Art Residency & Biennale program are processed through an online submission system. After reading these instructions, click on the link below to get connected. If you are new to this system, you will first be asked to set up an account. Please be certain that the address you enter is your current mailing address and that the e-mail address you enter is for an account that you check regularly. These addresses will be our primary means of contact with you. If you already have an account with this service (SlideRoom), please go to your Account link and check that your information is still current.Please at least scan the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document before applying so you can intelligently decide if this program is a good fit for you.The application fee is $20.00 and payments may be made by major credit or debit card. The fee helps to defray the considerable costs associated with the selection/curatorial process. Project Proposal Form You will be asked for a Brief Project Recap with a limited number of characters for your response. If you are unable to predict what your project will be at this time, indicate, at minimum, the rough concept or concepts you are considering. In order to assist the selection panel, you may wish to make reference to the prior work samples you’re submitting if they relate in any way to your intentions for the 2019 program. Needless to say, the less information you provide on your proposed project, the more reliance the selection/curatorial panelists will place on your previous body of work. In this form, you will also be offered additional space to elaborate on your project as well as to upload a sketch. Prior Work Samples You are required to submit 2 files showcasing prior works, with the option of uploading a third. Your files may be in any of the following formats: pdf, jpg, audio or video. You are required to label one, and only one, of these files as your Preview File. This will be the only file reviewed by the panel in the initial round of the selection process. If you become a finalist in the initial round, the panelists will then review your remaining file(s). Your Preview File therefore should represent your strongest work sample. Please note: if you submit a pdf file, it must contain no more than the equivalent of 5 pages of content – and if you submit a video or audio file, the panelists will review no more than 5 minutes of video or audio material. Uploading and Labeling Your Media Files – Important As soon as you upload a file, a link will appear at the bottom directing you to Continue to Label Media. The screen that comes up will ask for certain information that will further describe the particular content of your file (most fields, those with an *, in fact require a response). The space provided for your responses is quite limited. If you find yourself without enough space to answer a question, you may instead enter all or part of it in the more spacious Description field in the same section. But to fulfill the need for a response in a required field, simply say See Description Field. Also, you may find the following definitions helpful in the Label Media Files section.
  • Is this your Preview File (Y/N)? Answer Yes for only one of your files. You must answer NO for your other file(s). If you don’t fill in this field properly, the processing of your application will be delayed or it could be rejected if we can’t communicate with you when we reach out for clarification.
  • Physical Dimensions: This mainly applies to visual artists. Please use imperial units of measure (feet, inches).
  • Year Completed: If you consider yours a work in progress/process (not a completed piece), indicate as such rather than entering a date.
  • Critical Excerpt: This field allows you to identify a specific excerpt within your (video, audio or pdf text) file that you wish to direct the jury’s attention to. Please double-check that the length of the Critical Excerpt you designate (number of minutes or pages) does not exceed the number of minutes or pages allocated for the jurors’ review of that file. Note that you are not allowed to indicate more than one Critical Excerpt within any particular file.
  • Complete Piece or Excerpt?: Here, you will indicate if the file you have submitted is of an entire work, beginning to end, or is an excerpt from a larger piece.
  • Digital Emulation, Live Performance, Studio Recording?: This is to clarify what type of audio material the jurors are experiencing. You may wish to elaborate in the Description Field if these choices are too limiting.
  • Your role(s) in the creation of this work: This is to describe your creative involvement with the work sample you have submitted, especially relevant in projects traditionally produced by collaborating teams, e.g., concept development, screenwriter, director, camera work, talent, narrator, musician, conductor, arranger, project manager.
  • Description Field: This is a free form field that you may use to elaborate on your file.
Eligibility for Return Residencies If you participated in the 2015 or 2017 Site-Responsive Art Biennale, you are not eligible to apply for this program. Suggestion for an Effective Submission In terms of the attitude of a typical I-Park selection panelist, less is more. Don’t feel the need to fill up all the space that the system provides. Keep your submission tight and clearly focused. Assistance with the Instructions, Applying to the Program In addition to the tutorials and comprehensive instructions provided at various points in SlideRoom, if you need technical assistance when working in the system, use their on-line Applicant Step-by-Step Guides at https://support.slideroom.com or contact them using their online e-mail form. If any of the application instructions are unclear or you have questions or concerns about the residency program or the exhibition, e-mail I-Park directly at info@i-park.org, though we would ask that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with the FAQ first. To expedite processing, use the Subject Line: Requesting Application Assistance. You may also contact the office at 860-873-2468 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (EST), Monday through Friday.
Click here for a printable version of these instructions. You may find it helpful to have a paper copy handy as you’re working on the application, rather than having to return here.
© Copyright 2022. I-Park Foundation, Inc.
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