2019 General Residency Program

We are pleased to announce the
2019 Artists-in-Residence Season at I-Park
The application deadline for Sessions 1 – 3 is February 28 and
the deadline for Sessions 4 – 5 is April 30.
The application deadline for the
2019 Environmental Art Residency & Biennale,
seventh in the series, is February 28.
The 2019 Residency Program Calendar details all relevant dates. Application materials for the General Residency and Environmental Art programs will be available here by January 31. Click here if you are not on our mailing list and would like to be notified when the application portal has been activated.
painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, book arts, mixed media,
site-responsive art, installation
concert music (all genres), sound sculpture, mixed media, architectural sound design,
film scoring, instrument design

fiction, nonfiction, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, literary criticism, mixed media
film, video, documentary, animation, computer art, virtual reality, interactive, installation, mixed media
design projects, competition proposals, dissertations, model building,
site-responsive/ecological installations, theoretical investigations
Residencies are offered from May to December. The typical residency lasts four weeks and includes six artists, all of whom arrive and depart at the same time, ensuring a deeply shared experience. Residents are given a private bedroom in a renovated 1840s farmhouse, a private studio, and chef-prepared dinners four nights a week.
Shared amenities include a communal kitchen, common area, library, wireless internet, and a workshop outfitted with tools, materials, equipment and an electric kiln.
The residency is self-directed and non-judgmental. You decide what you’re going to work on and when. I-Park’s resourceful staff is devoted to providing each artist with a fulfilling, productive and comfortable residency experience. We welcome ambitious installation projects on the I-Park grounds, and will furnish materials, equipment and labor for approved projects.
Each residency concludes with an Open Studios event, in which members of the public are invited to meet the artists, experience their work and explore the I-Park grounds.
Residencies are free of charge, except for a $35 application fee to help defray the cost of the selection panels. Artists must pay for their own supplies and transportation to and from the area. Complimentary shuttle service to a Connecticut airport or bus/train station is offered at the beginning and end of each session.
Since its founding in 2001, I-Park has sponsored more than 900 residencies, with approximately one-third of the artists coming from outside the United States.
Applications are processed in two rounds. Please be sure to submit your best work samples in your Preview Round files.
Applications are adjudicated by five selection panels consisting of independent experts with discipline-specific strengths. The composition of the panels changes each year.
Please at least scan the FAQ before beginning the application process – to be sure the program is a good fit for you. While you are welcome to look at the 2018 FAQ to get a general feel for the program, the 2019 FAQ will reflect some changes – so you may wish to wait for it (should be posted here by January 31, 2019).
If you are an I-Park fellow, check the FAQ (page 2) to be certain you are eligible for a return residency at this time.
I-Park will be offering six international travel grants in 2019. Check the FAQ (page 2) for details.
Questions? Call (860) 873-2468, or write info@i-park.org.
In 2019, I-Park will host its seventh Site-Responsive Art Biennale, welcoming a dozen artists for a three-week residency devoted to creating site-responsive works within I-Park’s natural and built environments. Artists representing all five of I-Park’s creative disciplines, as well as performance art, are welcome to apply. To get a sense of the 2019 Environmental Art Residency & Biennale, click here for a look at the 2017 program.
In 2020, I-Park will host its biannual Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency. This two-week program pairs five composers with a well-established chamber ensemble, allowing the composers to hear their work performed while they create it. This collaboration culminates in meticulously rehearsed performances in Connecticut and New York City. Visit i-park.org for application instructions.

The I-Park residency program is set within a 450-acre nature preserve, with open fields, miles of walking trails and stone walls, ponds, a diverse natural habit including teeming wetlands areas, a second generation forest and a pristine river. This quiet, retreat-type environment is especially conducive to the creative process – and has, over the years, inspired a special interest in ephemeral, site-responsive art.


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