2019 Site-Responsive Art & Biennale Artist John K. Melvin
John K. Melvin
Dinner Party
Environmental Art installation
John Kenneth Melvin is a multi-disciplinary artist inspiring exchange in the form of commissions, residencies, and exhibitions around world. He taught art at the university level for a cumulative of nearly 5 years, and before committing fully to his art 15 years ago Melvin spent 10 years in corporate world. He now makes art full time as he travels back to back from opportunity to the next, and can be followed via Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr all linked from his website where he strives to update it regularly.
Artist John K. Melvin working on his installation
I uncover inter-dependent relationships between nature and culture and present them through eco-art projects that provoke dialog. I believe art must subvert the status quo, and instead of only taking from the earth, we must restore our relationship.
This sculptural installation will naturally decompose and transfer nutrients to the earth. Sustainably harvested moss has been transplanted onto hemp macramé cradles of wheat bran plates and surround the oak tree as if it were a shrine. Moss absorbs and filters pollutants and heavy metals (it’s a key signifier in scientific analysis of field contaminations). The plates are made entirely of wheat bran and are fully compostable. Wheat bran has ancient connections as a fertilizer as it transfers amino acids, phosphorus and other nutrients much needed for soil health.
This project hopes that by doing something, something will happen.
Close up view of Artist John K. Melvin's environmental art installation
Artist John Melvin's installation, Dinner Party