2022 GRP Application Instructions

Application Overview, Instructions for the
2022 General Residency Program
Submission Deadline: January 17, 2022
[Revised 11/9/21]]
Applications to the I-Park residency program are processed through the SlideRoom online submission system. By clicking on the link below, you will be connected to the application forms and the screen for uploading your work samples. If you are new to this system, you will first be asked to set up an account. Please be certain that the address you enter is your current mailing address and that the e-mail address you enter is for an account that you check regularly. We will use these addresses to communicate with you. If you already have an account with SlideRoom, please go to the Account link and check that your information is still current. Please at least scan the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document before applying (Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document before applying (click here for a printable version). That way, you can determine if the I-Park program is a good fit for you. I-Park fellows wishing to apply for a return residency should first check page 2 of the FAQ to be sure they’re eligible.
Discipline Descriptions, Work Samples Required
Music Composition/Sound Art
The Music Composition/Sound Art Program supports composers and sound artists working in the following areas: concert music (all genres), electronics, film/media scoring, instrument design/construction, sound art/installation, theatrical and architectural sound design. Mixed media practice is also supported so long as the predominant aesthetic and sensory element is sound.
• A 4-minute Preview Audio File
• An up to 8-minute Extended Audio File
Creative Writing
The Creative Writing Program is for individuals working in the language arts: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, graphic novels, literary criticism and script writing for theater and film. Mixed media practice is also supported so long as the primary medium is the printed or spoken word.
• An up to 15-page Extended Writing Sample
Visual Arts
The Visual Arts Program supports artists working in the following fields: painting and drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, site-responsive art, printmaking, ceramics and book arts. Mixed media practice is also supported so long as the primary sensory element is visual. There are instances where the line between visual arts and Moving Image/New Media is not clear: kinetic sculpture, artistic video documentation of 2D and 3D artworks, etc.
• 9 Image Files
Architecture/Landscape Design
The Architecture/Landscape Design Program supports designers working in fields directly related to the natural and built environments. Productive, fulfilling design residencies might consist of the following: working on commission projects, developing project proposals (commercial or unsolicited), competition proposals, dissertations, model building, site-responsive/ecological installations or theoretical investigations.
• An up to 4-page Preview PDF File (combination of text and images)
• An up to 8-page Extended PDF File (combination of text and images)
Moving Image/New Media
The Moving Image/New Media Program supports artists working in the following fields: film and video art, projection, documentary, animation, motion capture, artificial intelligence, computer art, game and other interactive media, virtual reality and installation. Mixed media qualifies if the predominant creative element is the moving image. And although I-Park doesn’t specifically support the performing arts (including performance art), artistic self-documentation of performance art does qualify.
• A 4-minute Preview Video File
• An up to 8-minute Extended Video File
Interdisciplinary, Cross-disciplinary
Multidisciplinary artists are welcome to apply to the General Residency Program. You should select the discipline/program (above) that best captures the sensibility and thrust of your creative practice, especially in relation to what kind of project you plan to work on during your residency.
Selecting the Most Appropriate Discipline/Program
Be thinking in terms of which selection panel’s expertise would be best suited to an informed evaluation of your work. You may also wish to refer to the FAQ (Discipline-Specific Commentary) for helpful hints. Please contact the I-Park office if you are at all conflicted as to which discipline/program to apply under.
Required Information
All questions and information requests marked with an asterisk require a response. But note that more than half do not require a response. Both surveys are optional and some disciplines/programs permit optional/additional work samples to better help you convey your creative process and artistic output. An application with required responses only is perfectly acceptable. We respect the value of your time.
Submitting Your Sample Materials
Submitting your work samples occurs in two steps. In the Forms area (Upload Details Form), you will provide detailed information on the files you intend to submit. Later, you will upload the files themselves in the Media section. Please be sure that the information you provide in the Upload Details Form syncs with what you actually submit in the Media area. Otherwise, it will cause confusion.
Important – Preview File(s): The first, Preview Round of the selection process will involve a relatively quick review of your Preview File(s) only and there are specific rules for the types and amount of material you may provide. As this will be the selection panel’s introduction to your artistry, these files should represent your most compelling work.
Click here for a printable version of this document.
© Copyright 2022. I-Park Foundation, Inc.
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