Monday, March 23, 2020
On March 20, I-Park decided to delay the start of its 2020 residency season. Most all of the programs in our field have reluctantly done so. The first group of scheduled artists was informed that their May residency was cancelled. And those scheduled for subsequent sessions were advised that we were taking a wait-and-see attitude. In light of the multiples uncertainties associated with the current crisis, the decision was unavoidable. I-Park’s first priority is the well-being of its artists, staff and volunteers – and their families. And, of course, we all have a duty to the larger community to help slow the transmission of the virus.
All public events at I-Park are also on hold at this time. That said, staff members are working off-site and keeping the lines of communication open. Maintenance activities continue on the grounds.
As the situation evolves, we will reach out to the artists and the public with updates. We are eager to resume the artists-in-residence program, the heart of our operation, as well as our public programming – as soon as it’s prudent to do so.
We are hopeful that we can yet provide a safe, productive, memorable residency to each of the 2020 artists who were awarded this honor!
Take care,
Ralph Crispino, Jr.
© Copyright 2020. I-Park Foundation, Inc.