Environmental Sculpture

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Since the early days of the Artists’ Enclave in 2001, our artists in residence have been drawn to the wild, gnarly beauty of the I-Park landscape . . . and many have responded with installations on the land. For us, Environmental Sculpture is simply a category for the environmental art, much of it quite ephemeral, created by I-Park artists in the course of their participation in our multi-disciplinary residency sessions over the years. This is to be distinguished from the works created by the artists who took part in the focused Environmental Art Residency sessions of 2007 and 2009 (and scheduled again for 2011). These special environmental art sessions are accorded their own photo galleries with artists’ profiles. This section chronicles the ongoing evolution of environmental art at I-Park.
Carlson_Polar-4Dan Carlson New York Polar 2010
Dewey-Hagborg_92_introHeather Dewey-Hagborg New York Buried Sound #1: Bower 2010
Claudia DinepClaudia Dinep Connecticut Untitled 2010
Holly EwaldHolly Ewald Rhode Island Untitled, Twins 2010
Ana FloresAna Flores Rhode Island Various 2008, 2010
Francois FrechetFrançois Fréchet France Untitled 2010
Nung-Hsin HuNung-Hsin Hu Taiwan/New York Various 2010, 2009
Jun'ichiro IshiiJun’ichiro Ishii Japan/France Crossroad 2010
Anna KellAnna Kell Tennessee Untitled 2010
Kathryn KelleyKathryn Kelley Texas Untitled 2010
Jae Kyung KimJae Kyung Kim New York/South Korea Untitled (Red barn interior) 2010
Ji Eun KimJi Eun Kim South Korea Untitled (Porta-Potty) 2010
Sujin LimSujin Lim South Korea Speech House & Speech Studio 2010
Alice MommAlice Momm New York The Hood 2010
Jan MunJan Mun New York Untitled (Grafted Tree) 2010
Jorge BerlatoJorge Berlato Spain Trapped Horse (ex-Carranca) 2006, 2009
Kathy BruceKathy Bruce New York Sod Mound Woman 2009
Wendy DesCheneWendy DesChene Canada Untitled (Tribute to Sol Lewitt) 2009
Mary GiehlMary Giehl New York Untitled (Tumors) 2009
Karrie HoveyKarrie Hovey California Various 2009
Caleb NussearCaleb Nussear New York Untitled 2009
Jeff SchmukiJeff Schmuki Mississippi Various 2009
Jenna SpevackJenna Spevack New York Remnants 2009
Anneliese VobisAnneliese Vobis Germany/California Potphyra Amansii 2009
Brian GoblikBrian Goblik Vermont Various 2008-2009
Francisco Alarcon PerezFrancisco Alarcon Perez Spain San Roque 2008
Francisco Alarcon PerezJennie Thwing Pennsylvania Tents 2008
David NechakDavid Nechak Washington Various 2008
Alice BettsAlice Betts Scotland 360 Red Balloons 2008
Jarrett HawkinsJarrett Hawkins Ohio Untitled 2008
Jarrett HawkinsFirat Erdim Illinois/Turkey Witch’s Ladle 2008
Jarrett HawkinsWilliam Schuck New York Various 2008
Ted EfremoffTed Efremoff Connecticut Various 2007-2008
Barbara BartosBarbara Bartos California/Romania Various 2008
Nicole DextrasNicole Dextras Canada Various 2008
Thierry GodetThierry Godet Germany/France Various 2008
Underwood_MG_6243_IntroBarry Underwood Ohio Untitled 2008
Reed_P1050468_introOliver Reed Scotland Open Air Sanctuaries: Living Cairn Series 2008
Ryskin_i-park_2008__0328Masha Ryskin New York Shimmer 2008
UnderwoodJu_P1070267_IntroJu Underwood Scotland Daynight Spinning Nightday Spinning 2008
Benvenuto_Benvenuto-6_introJohn Benvenuto Ohio String Theory: Ziggurat Suture 2007
Borgna_introClaudia Borgna United Kingdom/Germany Various 2006-2007
Taylor_DSC_0611Jon Taylor Washington 30′ Radio Tower & Pants 2006
Brunetti_DSCF3993Carlotta Brunetti Germany Floating Clouds 2006
Groen_566Petra Groen The Netherlands Untitled 2006
XingLei_img_4672Pan Xing Lei Hong Kong Untitled 2006
Ishida_03woodland_closeup_introJunichiro Ishida New York/Japan Woodland Mandala 2006
Covitz_Ice_2005OpenHouse37_introBill Covitz Connecticut Ice Sculptures 2005
Fuchs_JunkMetalSpotlight_img_4735I-Park Spotlight 2005
Fuchs_img_4833_introLou Fuchs Connecticut Illuminated Trunk 2005
Benarcik_Mooring_img_4809Susan Benarcik New York Various 2005
Lahav_ConcreteRabbits_img_4687Abshalom Jac Lahav New York Untitled 2005
Hepburn_New-Image_introMundy Hepburn Connecticut Blown Glass Sculptures 2005
Nikolaenko_CreaturesTree_img_4713Tatiana Nikolaenko Russia Creatures Tree 2004, 2005
Gwinner_058_introKarleen Gwinner Australia Memorial Sculpture 2003/2005
Simpson_img_4754_SmallS. Gallina Simpson New York Various 2001-2005
WaterTower_img_4740I-Park German Water Tower 2004
Ferreira_DSC09533_introDanielle Ferriera New Mexico Sky Ladder 2003
Arnedo-Asio_4b_introLiria Arnedo-Asio Spain Various 2003
Volicer_installation-four_introNadya Volicer Massachusetts Untitled 2002
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