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Haddow Memorial Chaplin Brochure
Architect Adam Haddow‘s Stunning Proposal for the Sandy Hook Memorial
Adam worked on this project during his I-Park residency last November   a great example, developing a competition proposal, of how architects can make the most of an I-Park residency.
Composer Pascal LeBoeuf‘s at it again! Just Released: Into the Anthropocene
Pascal worked on this piece while participating in our inaugural Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency in 2015 (he snuck it in during his spare time). Here’s the First Movement.
Just Published: British Landscape Designer Bob Chaplin‘s Updated 2018 Garden Project Catalog
Bob started work on this project during his 2012 residency and has been returning to I-Park regularly to groom and tweak it. Catalogs are on sale in the I-Park gift shop. Smiley face
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