Jeff Morris

morris_portrait-jeff-defJeff Morris is a composer whose work often ends up having him act more like a performer, designer, curator, or, even, an administrator. In his projects, he composes more than notes: images, motions, the environment (or predicament) from which art will emerge, or senses of trust, confusion, or liveness. His work has been presented by the Onassis Cultural Center (Athens, Greece), Milano Triennale museum, Chicago Architecture Foundation, and the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library. He directs the Performance Technology (PerfTech) program at Texas A&M University.
Where Ferin Was, 2015
Ferin Martino is a computer algorithm that plays the piano. It has its own oeuvre and can go on indefinitely, but it sounds best when its flow of musical choices is disrupted by motion nearby it. This way, the final product is a distorted version of what Ferin would write on its own: the music is not heard without the audience causing changes in the composition, and the pure whole of its work is unknowable.
The visual elements are drawn from I-Park’s Piano Field, including an adaptation of David Madacsi’s work, Piano Composition in (Three) D for a single grand piano. Set here in Ferin’s Circle, the visual and aural elements highlight the interactions of the human and the human-made with nature.
For more information about Jeff and his works, please visit his website at
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