Herb Parker

Herb Parker United States
Herb Parker entered university in 1971. His education and exploration for the next decade or so included a tour in the Marine Corps and, later, two years as a Peace Corps volunteer. He received an MFA in Sculpture from East Carolina University in 1983, and has participated in over 60 site-specific interactions in the landscape. Herb has served as an Artist-in-Residence or Visiting Artist on many occasions since 1987, working at botanical gardens, urban centers and rural landscapes, as well as at museums and universities around the world. He is currently a Professor of Art at the College of Charleston.
For more information about Herb and his works, please visit his website at herbparker.us.
I-Park Passage
Visual Arts/Installation
I-Park Passage is an invitation to journey into the landscape, and serves as a contemplative environment, embodying a reverence for nature and history. For me, the most exciting element was site—the passage through the architectural form into the flowing green meadow. This work references ideas I have been exploring for many years. All the materials are renewable (except the steel frame I brought with me), and were harvested from the area. The thatching material is from a non-native invasive phragmites.
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