Michael Fairfax

Michael Fairfax has been working as an artist in the public domain since the 1980’s, creating a myriad of artworks throughout the U.K. and abroad, including 3 months at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts. Throughout his career, his work has been about place, about the magic of a site, and sharing and revealing what he sees in that landscape, view, pattern, surface, sound, silence, fall of the sun, direction of the wind, falling of rain to the public. By incorporating all of these elements into his work, sometimes manipulating the materials, to form or create a work of art.  The key to all of his work is ’sensitivity’ and the enjoyment of play and creativity. To find out more about Fairfax and his work, visit his website at www.michaelfairfax.co.uk and his blog at michaellfairfax.blogspot.com. FAIRFAX_Michael-2-101613FAIRFAX_img_0875 FAIRFAX_875_I-PARKFAIRFAX_Michael-3-101613
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