Tatiana Ferahian

Whether her work is about nature or inspired by it, Tatiana Ferahian’s works often employ alternative elements, metaphors and information formed by myths, humor, irony, outrage, and compassion in an effort to speak out for social change. It serves a purpose beyond being an object of beauty: it addresses pressing social, political or environmental issues and topics about conservation, sustainability and preservation. Her works have the ability to interact with and educate the viewer about these issues, thereby spreading awareness and helping to renew, or spark anew, our connection with our environment.
Ferahian holds a diploma in Graphic and Advertising Design from Frederick Polytechnic University in Cyprus, a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from the Empire State College as well as a M.L.S. in Liberal Studies from the University of Denver. She has participated in a number of International Exhibitions and Biennales including three Beijing International Art Biennales, Beijing, China; the 24th Alexandria Biennale of Mediterranean Countries, Alexandria, Egypt; Shingle22j Biennial of Contemporary Art of Anzio and Nettuno, Italy; “Out of Space”, International Environmental Art Exhibition, Netherlands, and; “Nature, Human Being and Sound”, Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Gongju, South Korea. She currently lives and works as an art teacher in Cyprus.
More information and works by Ferahian can be viewed at ferahian.wix.com/tatiana-ferahian.
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