Sarah Hirschman

Primarily concerned with what is lost in translation between media, Sarah Hirschman strives to connect her role as an architect and an artist allowing them to inform one another. The placeness of things, the geometry of nature, patterns, light, context, response, strength, materiality, and force inform everything she does and creates. Sometimes the deepest abstraction finds its way into a resolutely practical application in a truss system or a canopy arrangement. She trusts her art to keep her architecture interesting and present, and trusts architecture to keep her art grounded, relevant, and responsive.
Hirschman received a Masters of Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)and a Masters of Art in Modern Culture and Media from Brown University, where she also received her undergraduate degree in Semiotics and Video Art. She has curated a number of exhibitions for MIT’s Department of Architecture and was the recipient of the Alpha Rho Chi Medal. She also received a Full Tuition Fellowship and a Merit-based Tuition Fellowship. Her work has been exhibited in Massachusetts, Connecticut, California and Washington.
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