Rainy Lehrman

Rainy Lehrman recent work stems from the observation of labor and the accumulation of industrial byproducts. She reconstructs the act of human exertion and waste that occurs as a result of labor. Sawdust represents a direct, physical timeline of this, the opposing result of the intended product compressed into layers. Constructed from the waste of craft, and artistic practice, this compacted wall of sawdust mimics a cross-section of the earth, deposited over decades or even centuries. The layers compose a vertical timeline that appears as if it has been pulled directly from the ground, simulating a geographic narrative that woodworkers observed daily in their shops. This work surveys the process of that relationship and the nature of its harmony or discord as it is exposed to gravity and time.
Rainy Lehrman received her MFA in Sculpture at Pratt Institute in 2008 and her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2002 where she studied Furniture Design. Lehrman has lectured and taught at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Suffolk Community College and Pratt Institute. Lehrman is currently living and working as an artist, educator and fabricator/facilitator for other artists in Red Hook located in Brooklyn, New York.
More information and artworks by Lehrman may be viewed at rainylehrman.com.
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