I’d also like another quicky web page – a simple listing of our history of special programs.  Like the 2013 EA page, I’d like some bare bones content (based enough to post it live on the website) – and we can expand on this when we find time: an iconic image, a link to the programs (when they exist), a short write-up on each one (2-3 sentences). o   Introducing Thanatopolis (2005) o   EA-1: Why Environmental Art? (2007) o   The Pond (2008) o   EA-2: Circulation (2009) o   Thanatopolis Symposium & Exhibition (2010) o   EA-3: The Story Continues (2011) o   Proto-Gonzo (2011) o   Inter-Disciplinary/Collaborative Projects Experiment (2011) o   Symposium on Ephemeral Art + Architecture (2012) o   EA-4: The Trail is the Story (2013)
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