Roger Rigorth

Roger Rigorth creates works has become — the wood, the stone, the fiber – all tell their tales about the mystery of being. By offering guide-posts and equipping us with dimensions providing us with our orientation. These dimensions include the horizon, which not only tends to the longing of all wandering, and the upward reaching, the inner vertical line that while teaching us to walk, became our swinging plummet. Unexpectedly, Rigorth makes us aware of a third dimension, one that defies calculation and cannot be defined by coordinates – the dimension of freedom.
Rigorth was trained at the Arts and Crafts School in Michelstadt, Germany as a wood carver. Since then, he has been working as a freelance artist and has participated in numerous symposiums throughout the world. In addition to land art, he also creates sculptures and installations in public spaces and curates exhibition projects and hosts residencies. Roger recently created works for the Arte Sella in Italy and YATOO in South Korea.
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