Support I-Park – 2014


“This Bird” by Emilia Dubicki

Flying the Nest
I-Park’s fundraising efforts in 2014 will be primarily focused on our Flying the Nest campaign. 2014 is a catch-up, break-out, fix ‘em up year for I-Park. After 13 years of intense focus on the artists-in-residence and related programs, we are committed to getting our financial house on a more solid footing – thereby making a major transition away from the founder-based contributions that we have been relying on and into a more conventional mix of grants, sponsorships and individual and corporate contributions. We have a very aggressive $500,000 goal for this year and we are seeking broad-based support in acknowledgment of past accomplishments and to support innovative programming going forward. By becoming a Flying the Nest supporter in 2014, you can take great pride in having assisted us in this important coming of age process. We are seeking contributions at the $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000 levels, though your support in any amount will be graciously appreciated. Click here for a list of benefits.  

Piano Field Trail

Trail Sponsorships
If you’re more inclined to something more tangible than Flying the Nest, we are continuing our popular Trail Sponsorship Program in 2014. You are welcome to renew a 2013 sponsorship or choose your own trail for 2014. Join those who have come to appreciate the unique value that the I-Park system of trails brings to the artists-in-residence and related programs – and to the greater community for those times when I-Park is open for public events. Click here for details on this program.
2014 Volunteers Day
Volunteers Day is Saturday, June 7. We’ll primarily be working on trail maintenance, safety and expansion. We’ll be joined by volunteers from the Connecticut Trails Day program. Join us for a day of good, healthy fun and show your appreciation for the very special natural environment that exists at I-Park. And on Sunday, June 8, I-Park will be open to the general public as a participating venue for Connecticut Trails Day!
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