Visual Arts/Installation at Thanatopolis (3/28/10)

Below are the two main types of visual arts pieces that I-Park would like to have installed as part of the Thanatopolis Exhibition on October 9, 2010. Applicants are encouraged to consider collaborations with garden designers as well as individuals from other disciplines who will be participating in the project. I-Park may be able to assist with suggestions and introductions in this regard. The specific projects below are being described as broadly and openly as possible. I-Park is seeking highly creative, site-responsive proposals in executable or paper form.   Memorial Sculpture
A memorial sculpture would take the place of the headstone that you find in a typical cemetery. The sculpture could be in memory of a particular individual, it could be a family memorial or it could be the focal point for a cluster of niches with cremated remains. The memorial sculpture, when incorporated into a garden setting, becomes part of a living memorial. The living memorial is likely to become the predominant element within Thanatopolis. Note that while the memorial sculpture would typically be installed on the land, Thanatopolis can accommodate floating memorials. These would exist on the pond, close by the shore. Or they could be in more remote/private locations on the pond, accessible only by boat.
Memorial Totem While a visual art piece, the memorial totem is essentially a structure to accommodate niches for cremated remains. The purpose of this kind of structure is to provide a context for group memorials while respecting I-Park’s goal of maintaining a light footprint in the environment.
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