A Sense of Place

through the eye of the artist . . . site-specific engagement of the I-Park environment

Senbo Yang (U.S./China), Drifting, 2017

Kristin Cammermeyer (U.S.),
Virtual Subsumption with Converse Material Effect, 2017

Patrick Harlin (U.S.), Drone-assisted Video, 2015
Music: Birdsongs for the City Dweller,
performed by the Calidore String Quartet

Lani Asuncion (U.S.), Excerpt from
The Devil’s Hopyard Series: Blessing, Bridge, Moodus Noises, 2013

Michael Fairfax (U.K.), Playing the Fibonacci Tree, 2012

Linda Molenaar (Netherlands), The Hummer, 2013

Ann Oren (Israel), Excerpt from Congratulations!
You are still in the running for becoming!, 2013

Jayoung Yoon (South Korea), Excerpts from
Ephemeral Presence and Reflections in Mindfulness, 2013

Elizabeth Riley (U.S.), Flying the Frame, 2013

Rocio Jungenfeld (Scotland/Germany), I-Walk, 2012

Michael Fairfax (United Kingdom), From Dawn to Dusk, a Journey, 2012

Jennie Thwing (U.S.), The Greening, 2012

Tim Tsang (U.S.), Moogist, 2012

Tim Tsang (Canada, U.S.), Ode to Junk (Trail), 2012

Sujin Lee (South Korea), Text to Speech, 2012

Roman Moshensky (Russia), Mirror World, 2012


Jayoung Chung (South Korea), Excerpts from the Life of Trees, 2011

Nuno Rebelo (Portugal), Swingstones, 2011


Proto-Gonzo (Inter-disciplinary/Collaboration Experiment),
The Willey Farm, 2011

Typical dinner at I-Park (well not every night) courtesy of the participants in the experimental Proto-Gonzo Collaborative Residency Program, 2011


Dana Levy (Israel), Fountain, 2011

Linda Molenaar (Netherlands), Tree Pose (compressed version), 2011


Ed Purver (United Kingdom), Projection Mapping, 2010

Erica Scourti (Greece), Woman Nature Alone, 2010


Civerance Productions (I-Park Creative Team), Illuminations, 2009

Jennie Thwing (U.S.), Goat, 2009


Marco Dessardo (France), Tuba, 2008

Civerance Productions (I-Park Creative Team), The Pond, 2008


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