2013 Supporters

State, Federal Funding

DECD/COA LOGO The I-Park Foundation is grateful for the generous support of the Department of Economic and Community Development,
which also receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


Flying the Nest Fundraising Campaign

Laurie Gelston Alt
Ryan Arias
Kristopher Bates
Mason Carillo
Sharon Challenger
Joseph Clark
Roger and Sheila Clemens
Jan Royce Conant
Connecticut College
Lori Coppinger
George and Debra Corbiel
Dennis Crispino
Helen C. Crispino
Maria Davoodi
Darlene Dunbar
Expressiones Cultural Center
Fellner Associates Architects, LLC
William Flannery
Nancy Friese (I-Park Fellow)
Thomas Frohnapfel
William and Darlene Ganley
Nancy Gladwell
Alva Greenberg
Dr. H. Kaye Griffin
Mundy Hepburn
Madeline Irvine
Marta Kot
Judy Lewis
Catherine Lezon
Veronica Lu
Colette Lucas (I-Park Fellow)
Nan Lvoff
Linda Macary-Viggiano
David Madacsi (I-Park Fellow)
Kerry Marsh
Michelle Mascia
Donna Masotti
Moodus Electric
Karen Murphy
Nemergut Consulting
Jacqueline Nowell
Joanne Paradis
Julia Pavone
Dr. Joseph Picone
Mie Preckler (I-Park Fellow)
Lori Robishaw
Anne Seelbach (I-Park Fellow)
Eric Seitz Surveying
Patricia Shippee
Anthony Shumbo
Mark Simon
Melissa Smith
Elaine Stockton
Lisa Tellier
Tim Tsang (I-Park Fellow)
Jonathan Waters
James Wilber
Jayoung Yoon (I-Park Fellow)
Melissa Ziobron

Trail Sponsorships

Anonymous, Thanatopolis Trail (In Memory of Wladyslaw & Wladyslawa Czaplicki)
Anonymous, Junk Trail
Kristopher Bates, Civerance Trail
Joshua Becker, River Trail (In Loving Memory of Gram Becker)
Cathy Carr (I-Park Fellow), Pine Circle Trail
Expressiones Cultural Center, Escarpment Trail
Nadia Hironaka & Mathew Suib, Chill Hill Trail (In Memory of Henry Hironaka)
Hitriz Brothers, Pond Trail
Karen Kratzer, Swings Trail
Colette Lucas (I-Park Fellow), Field Trail
David Madacsi (I-Park Fellow), Dave’s Trail
Dr. Joseph Picone, Bridge Trail
Nancy Pinney, Piano Field Trail

Sponsors, In-kind Contributors for Environmental Art Biennale

Ballek’s Garden Center (Moodus), Contribution of Plant Materials
Events by Superior (Cheshire), Contribution of Tents, Tables, Chairs
Superior, Inc. (Milldale), Contribution of Vehicles, Equipment
Tony’s Package Store (East Haddam), Contribution of Wine for Flying the Nest Fundraising Dinner
Bill Flannery, Johnny Carabetta, Bill Hitriz, Mason Carillo, Contribution of Pond Boats for Chad Cuhna Installation

In-Kind Contributors

Jayoung Chung (I-Park Fellow), Gift of Artwork for Silent Auction
Emilia Dubicki (I-Park Fellow), Rights to Use of Her “This Bird” Image (54” x 96” Acrylic & Oil on Canvas) for Flying the Nest Fundraising Initiative
Michael Fairfax (I-Park Fellow), Gift of Artwork for Silent Auction
Wanda Flejszar, Gift of Kitchen Appliances
Lou and Marie Golet, Garden Vegetables for Artists
Sarah Hirschman (I-Park Fellow), Gift of Artwork for Silent Auction
Olivier Huet and Margrit Neuendorf (I-Park Fellows), Gift of Artwork for Silent Auction
Roberto Carlos Lange aka Helado Negro (I-Park Fellow), Rights to Use of His Music Selections in the Environmental Art Documentary Video
Rainy Lehrman (I-Park Fellow), Gift of Artwork for Silent Auction
Larry Landino, Bequest of 1925 Estey Reed Organ
Linda Molenaar (I-Park Fellow), Gift of Artwork for Silent Auction
Joanne Paradis, Gift of Various Household Items
Dr. Joseph Picone, Gift of Fresh Venison for Artists’ Meals

Volunteer Services

Barbara Alex, Open Studios Volunteer
Bill Flannery, Tree Cutting Services
Karen Kratzer, Graphic Design Services, Events Committee
Linda Macary-Viggiano, Events Committee
Grace McLean, Open Studios Volunteer
Pinky Murphy, Events Committee
Donovan Petkovich, Environmental Art Biennale Volunteer
Veronika Petkovich, Environmental Art Biennale Volunteer
Nancy Pinney, Events Committee
John Pomfret, Preparation of Open Studios Refreshments
Gayle Rossi, Events Committee
Patricia Shippee, Events Committee

Volunteers Day Support

Andria Alex, Graphics, Exhibition Preparations
Kris Bates, Artists’ Support
Olivia Bates, Exhibition Preparations
Mason Carillo, Exhibition Preparations
Sharon Challenger, Exhibition Preparations
Tom Dobkowski, Exhibition Preparations
Ana Flores, Graphics, Artists’ Support
Dina Gerosideris, Exhibition Preparations
Bill Hitriz, Exhibition Preparations
Steve Hitriz, Exhibition Preparations
Howard Kilpatrick, Exhibition Preparations
Karen Kratzer, Graphics, Exhibition Preparations
Pinky Murphy, Exhibition Preparations
Linda Macary-Viggiano, Exhibition Preparations
Nancy Pinney, Tim Devlin, Production of Volunteers Day Video, Photo Documentation
John Pomfret, Lunch Preparations for Volunteers
Dan Potter, Artists’ Support
Gayle Rossi, Lunch Preparations for Volunteers
Gerry Schmid, Exhibition Preparations
Steve Stack, Exhibition Preparations

Volunteers Day – Special Thanks

Karen Gonzalez-Rice, Assistant Professor of Art History, and 41 students from Connecticut College (New London), Artists’ Support

Samuel Badot-Fisher, Freshman
Christina M. Balzotti, Freshman
Joy Chiang, Upper
Mauri T. Connors, Upper
Anna T. Curtis-Heald, Upper
Emmaline M. Deihl, Upper
Elizabeth A. Green, Freshman
Grace B. Griffin, Upper
Sarah M. Haddad, Freshman
Julia Hayden, Upper
Ellie P. Huelbig, Upper
Grace S. Juster, Upper
Leah A. Kallen, Upper
Samuel R. Kapp, Freshman
Samantha D. Kemper, Freshman
Nako Kobayashi, Freshman
Sarah M. Langfitt, Freshman
Wren T. Manly, Upper
Anna E. Marshall, Upper
Bronte E. McGarrah, Upper
Marina S. Milan, Freshman
Sarah G. Muellers, Upper
Anthony C. Namnum, Freshman
Alison S. Peknay, Upper
Caitlin M. Persa, Upper
Dakota A. Peschel, Upper
Anna L. Peterson, Freshman
Sasha L. Peterson, Upper
Maddie L. Pielmeier, Freshman
Julia M. Pielock, Upper
Julia K. Pope, Upper
Mei B. Reffsin, Freshman
Cassandra L. Saimond, Upper
Sarah B. Schnitman, Upper
Hallie E. Selinger, Upper
Jamie R. Swimmer, Freshman
Sarah Taylor, Upper
Melanie C. Thibeault, Upper
Melody Wang, Upper
Jillian C. Yaun, Freshman
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