I-Park’s 2021 Site-Responsive Art Residency & Biennale

This video (no audio) will give you a sense of the I-Park landscape. Not all areas shown are available for art installations.

Site-Responsive Art Program

The residency, an integral element of the program, will be devoted exclusively to the six or seven artists and other site-responsive practitioners whose works will be exhibited at the 2021 Biennale.
I-Park views site-responsive art as a multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory field – at its most impactful when the installations are developed and experienced in-situ. The term “site-responsive” is construed broadly to encompass the various aspects of the project site: visual aesthetics, ecology, geology, the built environment, history, and possibly, its imagined future. While all works will be ephemeral, it is expected that all works, including performance art, sound art, new media and the narrative arts will include a substantial physical element and that the installations will be reasonably intact through the autumn of 2022.
I-Park has a typical New England landscape that includes a varied topography, fields, a new growth forest, a pond, miles of stone walls, various watercourses and an established system of art/nature trails. While the artists’ site selection preferences are accorded great deference, the ultimate layout of the 2021 looping trail will be determined by the Project Manager, taking into account safety, environmental impact and accessibility.
I-Park Trails Map

Program Structure

  • Artist’s selections will be made by an independent Site-responsive Art Curatorial Panel.
  • In addition to economy travel reimbursement, an artist’s stipend of $3,500 will be awarded to each invitee.
  • Collaborating teams are welcome to apply but the team leader is responsible for all aspects of participation, including communications and allocation of the artist’s stipend.
  • Private living quarters, a meals program and limited local transportation services will be provided.
  • Workshop space and a wide selection of tools, equipment and materials are readily available, though there is no project materials budget per se.
  • Artists who participated in the 2019 and 2017 Biennales are not eligible for 2021.
  • Applications are processed online through SlideRoom.
  • A $35 application fee is required to defray the considerable costs associated with the selection and curatorial process.
  • In celebration of I-Park’s 20th Anniversary, in 2021, we will be funding between two and five site-responsive Anniversary Commissions. These works will be exhibited at the Biennale in conjunction with the six to seven works of the artists participating in the September 2021 residency.
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