2024 Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency

Benefits to the Composers

This year, our ensemble-in-residence is Hub New Music, a hot emerging group from Ann Arbor. We are looking for 5 composers to create new repertoire for Hub during an eight-day, onsite collaborative residency. Composers will receive many hours of one-on-one workshop and rehearsal time with the ensemble – as well as meals, lodging, full access to the I-Park campus, a $2,500 stipend, a New York City premiere and rights to use the studio recordings and the video documentation of their premieres. The goal is to put the musicians and composers in an intimate, collegial setting as they put the finishing touches on the works. Importantly, the ensemble is committed to aggressively promote, and perform, these compositions over the course of the next 3 to 4 years! 

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Introduction, Mission

2016 Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency

I-Park’s 2024’s Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency, fourth in the series, seeks to identify an international group of composers who are enthusiastic about the prospect of establishing an immersive, collegial relationship with the musicians who will be performing their pieces at their premieres. These composers appreciate that they stand to benefit from the fresh perspectives, receptivity and can-do energy of the ensemble at this critical juncture in the creative process. With experimentation, goodwill and high energy in the air, a virtuous transformation of the piece is not out of the question.

2018 Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency

From the start, the ensemble plays a key role in the composer selection process, and throughout the onsite residency, invests itself in multiple readings and rehearsals of the new works – with ample time for exchanges of ideas on technical and aesthetic grounds. By the end of the residency, the ensemble’s commitment to the composers and to the success of their projects is fully established. Needless to say, the extraordinary exertions of the combined team result in works that have achieved an exquisite level of concert-readiness.

2015 Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency: ensemble-mise-en

From past experience, we have come to appreciate that the intimate, retreat-like quality of the residency is a key element of its appeal and relevance. The composers and musicians gather together for dinner at the end of the day. Their conversations extend deep into the night. Bonds of trust, respect and inspiration are formed from the shared experience. The composers become champions of the ensemble and vice versa. At a deeper level, the seeds are planted for future collaborations as well as social connections.

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