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Financial Contribution Options

The I-Park Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit corporation under 501(c)-3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The contribution options below are either fully or partially deductible for tax purposes. We will issue an acknowledgment of receipt for your records. Or, feel free to contact the office for more information. Friends of I-Park For $50 per year ($75 per couple), based on a calendar year, you will: Be invited to all I-Park public events Be notified of all significant program updates Receive periodic I-Park newsletters Lovers of I-Park (I ♥ I-Park!) For $100 per year ($150 per couple), based on a calendar year, you are entitled to: All of the above (Friends of I-Park) Invitation to the Friends of I-Park Holiday Dinner (for 2 if you have a couples membership) I-Park Supporter For $500 per year ($750 per couple), based on a calendar year, you are entitled to: All of the above (I-Park Lovers) Free admission to all I-Park ticketed events (2 tickets if you are a couples supporter) Receipt of all catalogs, photo albums and/or videos produced by I-Park that year Recognition in I-Park publications and on the website

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  I-Park Patron For $2,000 per year ($3,000 per couple), based on a calendar year, you are entitled to: All of the above (I-Park Supporter) 2 additional guest tickets to I-Park ticketed events Semi-private use of the I-Park facilities during 2 specially designated Sundays during the year (Patrons’ Days) Parker For $5,000 per year ($7,500 per couple), based on a calendar year, you are entitled to: All of the above (I-Park Patron) Invitation to a 2-week residency at I-Park during the off-season (room, studio) Residency Sponsorships (only 5 will be made available each year) For $5,000, you can sponsor an artist for a one-month residency at I-Park. The sponsorship can be announced prior to the application deadline and be used to encourage applicants working in a specific field or from a certain country or region (or possibly some other demographic group) – so long as there are at least 10 applicants that meet the sponsor’s criteria, that the artist otherwise meets the requirements of the I-Park residency program and that he or she has been accepted by the relevant selection panel. Alternatively, the sponsor can choose from among the selected artists for that season after the jury process is complete. In addition to the full program support provided by I-Park, the recipient will receive a $1,000 stipend and the sponsor will be given appropriate acknowledgment for his or her contribution. Other Sponsorship Options If you would like to sponsor other activities or events at I-Park, please contact the office. As examples, some of which would entail quite modest funding, you could sponsor: • the refreshments break for an Open Studios gathering • the Open House dinner meal • a music performance at an I-Park event • a symposium or special art or environmental project, or some part thereof, such as our Environmental Art Biennale, the Contemporary Composers Institute or the Gravel Pit Preserve project • a new artist’s studio or new building project at I-Park General Information You are, of course, welcome to make monetary contributions at any time and in any amount outside of the above parameters. Except as indicated above, however, and unless there is prior discussion and a written agreement, all contributions will be considered unrestricted. If you own or manage a commercial organization providing services typically utilized by I-Park, any discounts or other accommodations you can extend would be most appreciated and will be acknowledged. If you are able, or know of other establishments that might be willing, to also offer a discount for services to the Friends of I-Park (above), that would also be most welcome.
For a pdf version of this document, click here. We will be most appreciative of your contribution of time, money and/or materials in whatever manner is appropriate for you. Thanks for helping to advance, and perhaps leave your mark on, this worthwhile project.
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