General Information

Late Arrivals

Please try to arrive at the Performance Area by 6:30 at the latest as the Illuminations walk will begin promptly at 6:45. If you’re running late or lost in transit, please call Joanne at 860-306-0636.


In the event of rain, heaven forbid, please bring along an umbrella or slicker. Short of a severe thunderstorm, we will sally forth into the night. In any event, dinner will be served in our large tent and we have some other facilities to keep you safe and dry should the skies open up.

Walking the Trails

Be very careful when walking the trails, especially after the sun goes down. Although we have made significant trail safety improvements in preparation for this event, you will still encounter some loose stones, walkway depressions and exposed roots along the way. So while we want you to thoroughly enjoy the visual stimulation surrounding you, please keep at least one eye on the road/trail below. It’s recommended that you wear comfortable walking shoes. The walk will last for about an hour with rests along the way.

Art Installations on the Land

Please take reasonable care around the artworks out on the land. In particular, you will encounter some illuminated glass sculptures that are particularly sensitive. If you have children, please keep a close eye on them in these areas.


The land, typical of the region, is home to ticks, some of which carry Lyme and other diseases. You are welcome to spray yourself with our Deep Woods Off before heading out for the walk. You should check yourself when you return home for any evidence of a tick bite. If you have been bitten, watch for the typical symptoms and, should they develop, get yourself to a doctor for a Lyme disease test. Of course in many cases, symptoms can develop without signs of a bite. Please take care.


There is a toilet in the Common Area and a portable toilet out on the land by the Pond Studio.

Announcement of Activities

A bell will ring about 5 minutes before we start the Illuminations walk.

Handicapped Access

Some parts of the trail are handicap accessible but others clearly are not. However, we will have a 6-pasenger motorized cart to move you around should you have the need. Please call in advance, or let the welcome staff know when you arrive, if you require any special accommodations so that we can be of assistance.


Parking takes place in the open field adjoining the house. Follow-the signs upon arrival.

No Pets

Please do not bring your pet to I-Park. It’s not that kind of park. For several reasons, we do not allow pets on the land.
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