Mie’s Trail

Mie Preckler began work on her concept piece while an artist in residence at I-Park in 2002. Mie’s Trail, as the piece is now known, reveals the complex beauty of the natural process of reclamation that has taken hold, over the last 50 or so years, in this once desolate site. Through Mie’s gentle editing, a series of ‘gardens’ have emerged from the underbrush and detritus of nature’s steady cycles. Mie has returned to I-Park each year since to maintain and refine the piece. In 2009, the scale of the project was significantly expanded when the gravel pit proper was joined to Mie’s Trail to form the Gravel Pit Preserve, a space now dedicated to environmental preservation and observation. The rerouted trail traverses the gravel pit itself and gives the walker a more up-close and immediate exposure to nature’s regenerative forces at work. Mie’s gravel pit project was the first significant environmental art installation at I-Park. This work helped galvanize our interest in and growing support for the aesthetic engagement of the I-Park landscape as well as the broader field of site-specific, ephemeral art. For the 10th anniversary celebration of the trail, Mie is collaborating with author Hazel White and composer Eleanor Aversa to explore different ways of experiencing the trail. Hazel examines the trail, its context and its motivating spirit in a site-responsive sonnet consisting of 14 lines of thought: proposal, audience participation and poetry. Eleanor premieres three site-responsive movements for flute and guitar. The piece will be performed by Amanda Baker (flute) and Daniel Corr (classical guitar). The celebration will be capped with a retrospective exhibition of select photo and video documentation of the trail as it has evolved over the years. Ralph Crispino, Jr. Executive Director


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· Images of Mie’s Trail over the years · Two short Videos of Mie’s Trail (one, two) · Conversation with the Gravel Pit Brochure
· October 13 Anniversary Event Program · Hazel White’s Sonnet · Composer’s Notes: Eleanor Aversa
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