Project Overview

I-Park is a 450-acre woodland retreat in rural East Haddam, Connecticut. The property consists of ponds, hills, streams, stone outcroppings and sheer cliffs. It has wild fields and new growth forest, as well as miles of stonewalls and walking trails. It is bisected by the Eight Mile River and adjoins the Devil’s Hopyard State Park and other preserved tracts. The land has a wild, gnarly character that suits I-Park’s role as a refuge from and recourse to the safe routines and subtle compromises of the workaday world. I-Park aspires to take these natural gifts and create a special space where the important work being done by solitary individuals in their artistic and intellectual pursuits is encouraged and celebrated – a living, three-dimensional environment/community uniquely conducive to the creative process. I-Park plans to introduce imaginative visual elements into the landscape while preserving its rich natural beauty and environmental diversity. I-Park seeks to fashion a physical space that is inspiring and challenging to artists and thinkers, but also a setting that can be enjoyed by individuals who simply have a deep appreciation for creativity and the arts and a respect for the preciousness of man’s intellect and his rightful place in this picture. It is hoped that I-Park will one day become a fount for important, even astounding, works of creativity that cannot be experienced anywhere else. You will need to squint hard while using a pair of extra-long-range, over-the-horizon goggles to catch a glimpse of this vision, especially given the humble beginnings of this venture. But this is what we’re shooting for. Residents and guests will want to linger and to return often. I-Park as a concept is future-oriented. While respectful of the past and while the project will preserve much of the land in its natural state, it is optimistic about the potential for great cultural achievements in our time and enthusiastic about the possibilities for ‘re- facing’ nature in interesting and ever so subtle ways. I-Park is itself a long-term creative project in its early concept and development stages. It is evolving slowly and patiently, with an eye to long-term relevance and viability.
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