2013 Environmental Art Residency Program/Biennale: September, 2013

Application Deadline: Monday, April 1, 2013

OH_Konrads_dscn1040_AI-Park is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its fourth international, multi-disciplinary Environmental Art Biennale on Sunday, September 22, 2013. This event will be preceded by an approximately 3-week residency that begins on September 4, 2013. This residency session will be devoted exclusively to the artists who will be creating pieces for the exhibition. In the interest of offering greater scheduling flexibility, a limited number of invited artists will be given the option of joining the July or the August General Residency Program session instead of the September session – so they will develop and/or install their pieces early (see the I-Park program calendar for specific session dates). Those requesting scheduling in the July or August sessions will need to convince the selection panel that their works will be durable enough to present well at the September exhibition. Cary-W3I-Park’s interest in environmental art dates back to its earliest years as an artists-in-residence program. Visual artists in particular were drawn to the rich, varied natural landscape existing at I-Park – and many sought permission to create modest sculptural works on the land. The artists’ curiosity and attraction to the site evolved into a practice of enthusiastic staff support and encouragement for more ambitious interventions. In 2007, a special residency session was dedicated to just those working in the field of environmental art. A successful exhibition was held later that year. This pattern was repeated with similar programs in 2009 and 2011. I-Park now views environmental art as a multi-disciplinary field – no longer just environmental sculpture – and also encourages inter-disciplinary collaborations. The term ‘environment’ and ‘environmental’ are construed broadly to encompass the various dimensions of the site (natural, built, narrative, multi-sensory, social) as well as its place in time: past, present and future. All works must be ephemeral in character. Projects for this program may include conceptual investigations, purely aesthetic engagements of the site, the imagining of new outdoor spaces and proposals that challenge or re-define our relationship to nature. The 4-person independent selection panel is charged with identifying the most thoughtful, original, site-sensitive proposals submitted. I-Park’s Inter-disciplinary Curatorial Panel will then take the list of finalists and craft a balanced, provocative Biennale exhibition. Roger-A5Basic Program Structure: A call for proposals to those working in the following creative fields:
  • Environmental sculpture/installation
  • Landscape/garden design
  • Music composition, sound sculpture/design
  • Performance art
  • Language arts
  • Architecture
  • Photography, moving image
  • Inter-disciplinary practice
I-Park cannot guarantee that all the above creative disciplines will be represented – this will depend upon the quality of the submissions. Artists will create their works on site during their residency for presentation at the Biennale. 12 – 15 artists will be selected to participate. A $2,000 prize will be awarded to each participant or collaborating team (any material costs required for the work would need to be covered by this figure – no separate allowance for materials). Transportation costs to and from the facility will be reimbursed up to a total of $600 for those travelling to and from a destination in North America and up to $1,200 for those international artists travelling to and from elsewhere. Lodging and meal service provided during the residency.

Ineligible to participate:

  • Artists who participated in the 2011 Environmental Art Biennale
  • Artists participating in the 2013 General Residency Program

Application process:

  • Online submission system
  • $30.00 entry fee
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