Nick Lamia

lamia_portrait-nick-defNick Lamia is an award-winning artist whose work includes drawing, painting, printmaking, installation and sculpture. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship as well as residencies at Wave Hill, The MacDowell Colony, the Robert Blackburn Print Workshop and the Triangle Artists Association, where he is now a member of the Board of Directors. 500 of his small-scale drawings were included in the inaugural Bronx Museum Biennial in 2011. Recent solo exhibitions include “Symmetry Breaking” at Jason McCoy Gallery in New York and “Greenhouse,” for which he created a group of site-specific wall works for the Richard Meier building at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, New York.
Like the Hudson River School painters, my paintings, drawings and even my installation art is rooted in the plein-air landscape tradition and a deep reverence for the natural world. My observations though, lead to abstract imagery that evokes, rather than illustrates the integration of society with nature..
This project has been my first formal opportunity to create outdoor artwork. In the spirit of Low Impact practice and ephemerality, I used exclusively natural or re-purposed materials found on-site for my installation: a series of circular structures, arranged in a radial formation 100’ in diameter and inspired by myriad sources including Japanese garden design philosophy, Native American and Druidic astronomical observatories, shamanic practice, ritual circles and the science fiction writing of Orson Scott Card. These themes, and my design, are linked through a common reverence for nature and the belief that we should act as stewards, instead of simply consumers, of the resources available around us.
Each structure in my composition has a specific theme related to earth, air, fire, water or wood — the “essential elements” found in many traditional philosophies. Each was built as a place to inspire contemplation on the natural world, using one of the elements as a focal point. Each structure will degrade at its own pace, returning to a natural state over time and, through that process, drawing our attention to the ephemerality of all that we know.
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