Alexander Hanson

Alexander Hanson United States
Alexander Hanson (b. 1988) holds an MFA from the University of Iowa and a BFA from the University of Minnesota–Duluth. He has exhibited work in Iceland, where he was an artist in residence at HEIMA in Seydisfjordur. He has completed sculpture and installation work nationally, most recently in White Bear Lake, Minn., as part of Art Shanty Projects. Alexander currently resides in Northwest Arkansas, where he teaches Sculpture and Foundations at the University of Arkansas.
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People Will Say We’re in Love
Visual Arts/Installation
This work is part of a multi-installation project that is a sculptural reimagination of the hit musical Oklahoma! as a story about the apocalypse. The narrative of this work begins with the ejection of the planet Jupiter from the solar system and the subsequent impact of a meteor, roughly the size and shape of Oklahoma. This installation takes place immediately before the impact of the meteor. Among others, the eagle is a commonly used symbol for the Roman god Jupiter. This work consist of 67 eagle piñatas—one for each moon that orbits the planet. You are invited to take a swing and smash a piñata as a response to the planet’s absence. When doing so, please do it carefully, keeping in mind the contents of the piñatas are not intended for consumption. This work attempts to ask questions related to grief when encountering our own mortality, in addition to the kind of actions that take place in a time when Jupiter has abandoned us.
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