Hugh Livingston

Hugh Livingston United States
Hugh Livingston creates multimedia installations related to natural and built spaces. He graduated cum laude in music from Yale, where he received the Bach Society Prize for excellence in musicianship. He has an MFA in contemporary music from the California Institute of the Arts and a doctorate from UC San Diego. Hugh composes situational music: responses to spaces, landscapes, history and people. He wrote about sound garden design for the book Sound and Scent in the Garden, published this past spring by Harvard University Press, teaches a class on Soundscape and Landscape at the San Francisco Art Institute, and is a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellow.
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A Field Opera
Sound Art/Installation
An opera unfolds in a landscape, in time as well as space. Sound radiates directly from the windows, motivating a closer look, as well as listen. A view is framed, a tree considered. Narrative emerges from field notes of a natural historian, but a composer’s sketches also intervene. Some truths emerge: dinosaurs trod this field in the Triassic, mushrooms pop up under trees. But botany, like music, can also be improvised. The tree does not know its Latin name. It is a field of invention, for listening.
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