Bridget Quinn

Bridget Quinn United States
Bridget Quinn explores the ways that “ordinary places” are shaped, and how they affect our relationships to each other through the creation of happenings, photography and sculpture. After graduating from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2007, Bridget moved to Austin, Texas, where she created the Pay Phone Revival Project, which resulted in the commission of 15 art/design interventions that repurposed the abandoned infrastructure of installed pay phones around the city. In 2013, she moved to Detroit and founded the Picnic Club, which she uses as a vehicle for understanding a transforming city.
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The River Rolls Its Eyes At Us
Text-based Installation
While in residency at I-Park, I created a series of playful text-based interventions. Some of the works literally incorporate text within the landscape via a prefabricated sign, while others act out miscommunications and jokes through sculpture and performance. The River Rolls Its Eyes at Us was a temporary sculptural intervention within a seasonal creek on the I-Park preserve, and Kristin Cammermeyer Shoots the Sunset was a surprise party based off of a misunderstanding.
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