Hannah Streefkerk

Hannah Streefkerk Sweden/Netherlands
Hannah Streefkerk (b. 1973) originally comes from The Netherlands, where she received her Master in Visual Arts at the Art Academies of Maastricht and Groningen. For the past five years, she has been living and working in Sweden. In her work, she investigates our role toward nature, how we see or don’t see nature. Hannah utilizes a lot of textile techniques and materials in her installations, two-dimensional works and art in nature, which she shows all over the world. This is her second residency at I-Park.
For more information about Hannah and her works, please visit his website at hannahstreefkerk.viewbook.com.
Cabinet of Natural (I-Park) Memories
Visual Arts/Installation
All the objects come from I-Park and I reacted on each of them with embroidery or crocheting. Together, they are collected in this small wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities).
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