2017 Site-Responsive Art Residency Application Instructions

2017 Site-Responsive Art Residency Generic Application Instructions

[September 5, 2016]
  Introduction Applications to the I-Park Site-Responsive Art Residency are processed through an online submission system. After reading these instructions, click on the link below to get connected. If you are new to this system, you will first be asked to set up an account. Please be certain that the address you enter is your current mailing address and that the e-mail address you enter is for an account that you check regularly. These addresses will be our primary means of contact with you. If you already have an account with this service (SlideRoom), please go to your Account link and check that your information is still current. Please scan the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document before applying so you can intelligently decide if this program is a good fit for you. The entry fee is $35.00 and payments may be made by major credit or debit card. The fee helps to defray the considerable costs associated with the selection/curatorial process.   Project Proposal Form If you are unable to precisely predict or describe your project at this time, indicate, at minimum, the rough concept or concepts you are considering. In order to assist the selection panel, you may also wish to make reference to previous works that you have submitted samples of if they relate in any way to your intentions for the 2017 program. Needless to say, the less information you provide on your proposed project, the more reliance the selection/curatorial panelists will place on your previous body of work. IMPORTANT: Previous Work Samples and Files Relating to Your Proposed Project This program allows for a fair amount of flexibility in terms of the amount and type of project material you may submit. That said, be aware that all applications undergo a preview round of limited time duration (usually between 5 and 10 minutes) during which the panelists will focus solely on your Brief Project Recap and your self-labelled Primary Files. The Primary Files will be viewed in the order in which you upload them. Your Supplementary Files and personal information will only be reviewed in depth if you become a finalist. You should, therefore, carefully label your files, where indicated, as either Primary or Supplementary and upload them strategically so that your most compelling works are not missed by the jury. Where you label your files and it asks: Primary or Supplementary File?, enter the word Primary or the word Supplementary. Also, be sure to label each file, where indicated, as either a previous work sample (Former Work) or a file that represents what you are proposing to create during your I-Park residency (I-Park Project Proposal). While it could be quite helpful, you are NOT required to submit a sketch of your proposed project. You only need to provide a text description where indicated. Please contact the I-Park office if you have any questions whatsoever relating to this instruction.   Notes, Suggestions:
  • The application form does not tell you how many files you can label as Primary Files. This is intentional as it depends upon the types of files you’re submitting, what kind of medium you’re working in and the nature of your previous projects and your proposed project. If you’re simply submitting image files, you’re welcome to label ALL your files as Primary Files as they can be processed relatively quickly by the panelists. You do, however, want to be much more selective when it comes to video, audio and text files as these require much more review time. For example, you wouldn’t want the panelists to get bogged down in listening to an extended audio file and thereby have them miss an important text or video file coming after it. Because of the broad range of disciplines, file formats and types of previous and proposed works that will be evaluated, we can’t make rules for every possible circumstance. Use your best judgment – as will the selection panelists.
  • The application form provides some tools to help you direct/instruct the jury. Question 6 on the Project Proposal Form allows you to provide a short elaboration on the files you have submitted. The staff will review your comment and this may, in certain circumstances, result in a special instruction being given to the jurors. Also, you will encounter the Critical Excerpt function when you go to label your audio, video and text files. This will direct the juror to a particular section of your file that is most important. Note: each file can have only one Critical Excerpt. And in the area where you label your files, the final section is called Additional Details. Here you may enter information that you deem pertinent: how the content of the file relates to your project proposal (if it, in fact, does), the medium/media you are working in, any awards or other recognition garnered, what role you played in the project, etc.
  • The system will not allow you to upload files exceeding certain size limitations (file size limits are defined in the Media section of the form). If your file is not accepted by the system, you may need to re-size it to conform to these limits.
  • You can embed media into your portfolio from the following external sites: YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud.
  Assistance with Instructions, Applying to the Program In addition to the tutorials and comprehensive instructions provided at various points throughout the process, if you need technical assistance when working in the system, use the on-screen Help function or contact support@slideroom.com. If any of the application instructions are unclear or you have questions or concerns about the program itself, e-mail I-Park directly at info@i-park.org, though we would ask that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with the FAQ first. To expedite processing, use the Subject Line: Application Assistance. You may also contact the I-Park office at 860-873-2468 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time), Monday through Friday. Note that you will receive an e-mail confirmation upon submission of your package. Contact support@slideroom.com if for some reason this doesn’t happen.   Click here for a printable version of these instructions. You may find it helpful to have a paper copy at your side during the application process rather than having to return here.  
© Copyright 2022. I-Park Foundation, Inc.
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