Les Fujak: Olivier Huet & Margrit Neuendorf

Together, Olivier Huet and Margrit Neuendorf, form Les Fujak. Their collaborative creations question the place of human beings in nature. Each intervention, based on an appreciation of the local context, utilizes one of several different approaches to landscaping, creating landscapes that are inhabited, observed, virtual, or revisited. Since 2006, they have completed outdoor installations throughout Europe and in South Korea.
Huet is a French visual artist with a background in architecture and an interest in ethnology and ethnomusicology. He worked as an architectural and city planning before becoming a full-time visual artist. Neuendorf is a German visual artist who studied fashion design in Berlin. For more about Huet, visit his website at www.olivierhuet.info and for more about Neuendorf, visit her at www.margritn.info.
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