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Artist’s Statement
I often base my concepts on Greek mythology in order to make my concepts more fascinating. There’s mystery, danger, treachery, loyalty, romance and magic, which tend to grab people’s attention.
But the real purpose of mythology is to get people to relate and connect to their environment. Our ancestors who were one with nature used mythology as a psychological tool to keep people attuned to nature. And these archetypical images of mythology are embedded in our minds and dreams. Through my work these images are triggered in people’s collective consciousness, which can ultimately bring a society together towards a common goal of reconnecting with the natural environment.
I use social media to reach a wider audience and encourage the community to get involved in my projects. This in a way is action art; I am raising consciousness, creating a dialogue and motivating individuals and communities to bring about social change. The work is meant to highlight the vulnerability and the defenselessness of nature due to environmental factors that influence UV penetration. Especially since, as the ozone layer grows thinner due to manmade chemicals, the protective filter in the atmosphere is increasingly diminished. As a result, the world is exposed to higher Ultraviolet radiation levels that have the biggest impact on human health, animals, marine organisms and plant life.
Moreover, in a world obsessed with mass production and wasting resources, the focus of this work is to upcycle what is readily available rather than to waste even more resources to create a new object – to further reduce the negative impact we have on our fragile planet.
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