Architecture at Thanatopolis (3/28/10)

Below are the primary architectural elements that I-Park would like to present as part of the Thanatopolis Exhibition on October 9, 2010. Applicants are encouraged to consider collaborations with visual artists, landscape/garden designers as well as individuals from other disciplines who will be participating in the project. I-Park may be able to assist with suggestions and introductions in this regard. The specific projects below are being described as broadly and openly as possible. I-Park is seeking highly creative, site-responsive proposals. Realistically, however, only paper projects will be feasible for this discipline in terms of presentation at the Exhibition.  
Outdoor Columbarium The project consists of re-imagining the columbarium as more an outdoor space – or, perhaps, an outdoor space in season but able to fold in on itself during the winter months or when the weather is inclement. For the purpose of this project, assume a modest structure that would accommodate 200 niches.
Chapel, Performance Space
 The chapel will serve as the setting for memorial services, which will typically involve music performances. For the purpose of this project, assume a seating capacity of 120 and allow space for a 12 person chamber ensemble. The interior of the chapel should, to the maximum extent possible, visually engage the natural environment of Thanatopolis. The performance space, in particular, must be able to open out onto the landscape.
Memorial Totem See the Memorial Totem description in the Visual Arts section. Depending on scale, this could more appropriately be viewed as an architectural project.
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