Gardens at Thanatopolis (3/28/10)

Below is an outline of the major garden projects that I-Park would like to have installed or presented as part of the Thanatopolis Exhibition on October 9, 2010. Applicants are encouraged to consider collaborations with sculptors, installation artists and individuals from other disciplines who will be participating in the project. I-Park may be able to assist with suggestions and introductions in this regard. The specific projects below are being described as broadly and openly as possible. I-Park is seeking highly creative responses to this call. To that end, I-Park takes a flexible view as to what constitutes a garden. The garden can be terrestrial or floating. But while it must have some live plantings, it can incorporate many other elements of composition. It is understood that it will not be possible to achieve a mature garden presentation in time for the Exhibition. For the purpose of this program, a young garden with the ability to survive the winter months will be acceptable. Especially because of this issue, the garden design discipline lends itself to the submission of paper proposals to be presented at the Exhibition. The designer may, therefore, submit concept renderings or models in place of a specific, executable garden plan.  
Living Memorial Garden This garden is intended as a substitute for the customary headstone that you find in a typical cemetery. It should serve as a place of visitation and reflection. With appropriate aesthetic and botanical attributes, the garden design should strive for deep integration with the existing landscape and a fitting context within the memorial park proper. Although there can be some provision for annual plantings, the garden should predominantly be a perennial garden. Note that the living memorial with sculpture is likely to become the predominant element within Thanatopolis. Details • I-Park will provide professional and/or in-house assistance in the planting of the garden. The
designer should specify his or her level of involvement in the planting phase of the project. • The designer will provide maintenance instructions so that I-Park staff can nurture the garden
after installation. • For the purpose of the October 9 Exhibition, the garden should be no larger than 400 square feet,
and could be substantially smaller.
Living Memorial Garden with Sculpture/Installation This is the same as above except that the garden would incorporate a substantial element of outdoor sculpture or installation art.
Tone Garden This garden type could be designed for an entrance to the Thanatopolis space, to demarcate a section within the memorial park or to enhance one of the proposed structures.
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