Music/Sound Sculpture at Thanatopolis (3/28/10, rev. 5/24/10)

Below is a brief outline of the major music/audio elements that I-Park would like to have performed/presented as part of the Thanatopolis Exhibition on October 9, 2010. For general context, and certainly before making a submission, you should review the FAQ/Project Constraints document for details and further elaboration. Note that there is a special section within the FAQ, Section 7, for topics related to the Music Composition/ Sound Sculpture discipline. Each of the following compositions is eligible for a Thanatopolis Prize.  
Memorial Composition This piece should be between 4 and 12 minutes in length and be thematically appropriate for a (at this point, non-denominational or virtual) memorial ‘service’ within the Thanatopolis Space. I-Park is soliciting existing compositions that lend themselves to a live performance by a chamber ensemble or as a pre-recorded presentation with at least some live elements. The submitted piece ought not to have been previously awarded a major prize in the field.
Tone Sequence/Annunciation For the Tone Sequence/Annunciation, I-Park is looking for an iconic new composition. The piece will likely mark the commencement and/or conclusion of the official memorial ceremony or serve as an ‘effect’ within the memorial ritual. The piece is intended to be a cry, an alert, a pleading or invocation. The selection should be in the range of 20 – 60 seconds in length and be, to some considerable degree, site responsive – referring to the Thanatopolis Space.
Processional Unlike the Tone Sequence/Annunciation, which is a relatively short audio phrase, the Processional is an extended new composition that should range in length from 5 – 15 minutes, though it could incorporate major elements of repetition or cadence. The Processional will accompany the physical movement of participants during a transitional phase within the memorial ritual. It is intended to enhance the experience of the physical transition.
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