Special Projects at Thanatopolis (6/21/10)

These are some additional elements of Thanatopolis that do not fall neatly within the major discipline-specific categories established for the program. If any of these projects are of interest to you, you can follow the instructions for online submissions under the ‘Guidelines for Submitting an Application/Proposal for the 2010 Thanatopolis Exhibition at I-Park Program’ section. On question 1 within Step 3 (Thanatopolis Proposal) of the application form, select the Special Projects option. Ceremonial Carriage – to transport the ‘remains’ of the deceased to the Thanatopolis Space during the Processional. Ceremonial Pond Vessel – to possibly be used during of the Ritual Adieux segment of the memorial ceremony. The vessel will carry the ‘remains’ of the deceased to the opposing side of the pond for interment at the conclusion of the ‘service.’
Thanatopolis Noire – this is the concept of utilizing the memorial park after sunset for ceremony and reflection. Three projects lend themselves to this idea. Illuminations – highlighting and re-interpreting existing elements within the Thanatopolis Space with stage lights, shadow and other visual effects. Light Garden – the use of light elements to create new sculptural compositions within the Thanatopolis landscape, including the floating and subterranean dimensions. Fire Art – using fire/flame as a ritual, performance or sculptural element within the Thanatopolis space.
Pyrotechnic, Percussive Presentations as effects within the memorial ceremony (e.g., black fireworks). Projects for Writers: Re-imaging the eulogy Reviewing the Exhibition installations for a post-event catalog Site-specific poetry The ‘poetic act’ as part of the memorial ritual/ceremony Projects for Video/New Media Artists: Creating an artistic documentary of the Thanatopolis Exhibition Holograms, virtual reality ‘chambers’ (memory attenuation) Water Projects Fountains, waterfalls, viaducts Rain enhancement structures Water walls Additional Sound Projects: Potential sound track for video documentary of the Exhibition, collaborate with the video artist. ‘Call to Mist:’ a digital tone sequence to announce that there is mist on the pond, and therefore, a special time to visit the memorial park. Miscellaneous Objects Catafalque Urns Interment niches Ceremonial vestments I-Park is open to other creative proposals that engage the Thanatopolis theme. Due to the eclectic nature of the various options under Special Projects, I-Park will need to negotiate the artists’ fees and construction/presentation budgets on a case by case basis.
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