Theatre, Choreography, Performance Art at Thanatopolis 6/1/10)

For the October 9, 2010 Thanatopolis Exhibition, I-Park would like to ‘stage’ an outdoor performance/ritual that is informed by the theme of the event: memorialization and memory (refer to ‘Why Thanatopolis? ’ for some general insights into the use of these terms). It is anticipated that creative proposals would be drawn primarily from the fields of theater, performance art and choreography. To the extent possible, the piece should be responsive to the natural landscape and creative interventions within the Thanatopolis Space while engaging the senses and emotions of the event’s attendees. Without attempting to predict the particular creative means that would be most effective to these achieving these ends, it is suggested that the piece conform to the following basic framework: Processional, involving the physical movement of the event’s attendees to the sacred space (5 – 15 minutes), Memorial/Memory Ceremony (5 – 20 minutes) and Ritual Adieux (3 – 10 minutes). While the performance will play an important role in this non-denominational event, it is not necessary that it be active during the entire time sequence indicated. For the purpose of submitting a project to the Selection Committee, a rough concept sketch will be sufficient. However, it is hoped that, at some later stage, the creator(s) of the piece will also propose, or collaborate in the formulation of, a more particular focus and context for the work, so as to imbue it with greater power and purpose. Note that there will be live music performances, and possibly digital sound sculptures, incorporated into the ceremony as well (see Music Composition/Thanatopolis Prize for details). This will offer the potential for interesting collaborations. However, the performance/ritual proposal may be developed as an entirely independent project and need not be complementary or subsidiary to the sonic elements.
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