Volunteer, Intern Opportunities

Volunteering your time to a non-profit organization with a worthwhile mission can be educational, inspiring and fulfilling. At I-Park, you can lend your support directly to the artists in residence, you can help to enhance the I-Park physical space or you can assist the organization in more general ways.
Artists’ Support
Below are some typical ways that volunteers can assist our artists and enrich their residency experience.
  • Host a meal: whether it’s our traditional welcome meal, one of our weekly dinner gatherings, preparing desert for an ‘artists’ exchange’ evening or providing an Open Studios refreshments break. Note that hosting doesn’t necessarily mean contributing the food, though it might include shopping, preparation, organizing/coordinating.
  • Transportation: upon arrival in the area, many artists need to be picked up at the train/bus station or airport and then dropped off again at the end of their residency. Some will need to go out for food shopping, art supplies and such on a more frequent basis during their residency. Evening trips to the market are often appreciated because many artists would rather not break up their day for such. Especially at the beginning and end of each session, our need for assistance in this area increases.
  • Organize a field trip: we like to offer the opportunity of a field trip for our artists at some point in their residency session, and this has become even more of an interest as our program has become more international in character. Share your knowledge of the region and its cultural, historical and natural attractions while spending some quality time with a diverse group of artists.
  • Direct assistance to artists: many times, especially in the field of environmental art and with large scale installations, artists will request physical assistance with their pieces. While I-Park routinely provides support in this area, there are times when an artist requires a more sustained, or specialized, level of support.
  • Offer short-term lodging to artists: there are times when we have special programs at I-Park that tax our facility in terms of bed and board. If you have a spare room or cottage, might you be able to house one of our artists for a few nights when the need arises?
Enhancing the I-Park Landscape
The grounds are an integral aspect of the I-Park project. We could use routine help throughout the year and also assistance prior to and during special occasions.
  • Spring clean-up: all hands on deck for garden, trails, ponds, waterways and roadside cleanup and maintenance. Some weeding, planting, raking, wood-chipping, chainsaw work and such are entailed.  This is usually scheduled for a Saturday (4-6 hours) in April, with the possibility of a second cleanup before Open House.
  • General trail maintenance: an ongoing, endless project. Hone your ‘happy stick’ and debris-pile-maintenance skills while enjoying some quiet/zen time. You might even consider adopting a trail (we have about a dozen).
Creative Projects
You can also be part of the creative process at I-Park.
  • Create or adopt a garden at I-Park: we’re always looking to improve the quality of our gardens and add new ones. Put your garden design and maintenance skills to good use within the context of this special natural environment.
  • Illuminations: we are looking for new ways to enhance our Illuminations presentations. If you have an interest in, or would like to experiment with, creative outdoor lighting concepts, fire/smoke art or environmental illusion, please let us know.
Open House
There are any number of areas in which you can assist with the organization and execution of this major public event. I-Park’s volunteers and contributors have become an important force in making this event bigger and better over the years. Check the calendar for this year’s event(s) and let us know about your interests and areas of expertise.
These are some year-round routine needs that you can help with.
  • There are always more research projects than we can get around to at most any point in time, though our need for such gets quite a bit more intense in the build-up to Open House. Internet, library, field and telephone research can be done remotely and can be a big help to I-Park.
  • Seasonal decorations.
  • Large mailing projects.
  • Distributing posters and web listings at appropriate locations prior to major I-Park events and as part of our annual promotion of the artists in residence program.
Moral Support
These are some low-impact, armchair ways you can support the I-Park project:
  • Refer talented artists whom you know or become aware of to the residency program, especially those who you feel would be a good fit, or are working in areas that are particularly appropriate for I-Park.
  • Send along leads (links, articles, contacts) in areas of special interest to I-Park: funding resources that we should consider availing ourselves of, new trends in the field, like-spirited programs or individuals, new places for us to promote the program.
  • Show your support to our artists and contributors by attending our annual Open House, monthly Open Studios sessions and other special events.
  • Make suggestions for smarter/better ways of doing things, for new ideas we should consider, collaboration opportunities, field trip ideas.
  • In general, spread the good word.
If you’d like to assist in any of the above, please contact the office at (860) 873-2468 or e-mail us at
info@i-park.org and let us know of any special skills or preferences you might have as well as your general availability: weekdays, weekends, nights, the day of Open House, etc. Please also provide your contact info (phone, e-mail) and the best time to reach you.
For a pdf version of this page, please click here.  
Image in the Header Above: Glass sculpture by artist Mundy Hepburn, I-Park friend and supporter.  
© Copyright 2022. I-Park Foundation, Inc.
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